Beyond Living Health specialises in colon hydrotherapy, detox programs and natural therapies. Our clinic is located on George Street in Southport.


I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapists assist and advise on the use of colon hydrotherapy or ‘colonics’ which is an effective and natural detox therapy. 


A safe, gentle internal bath using gravity fed warm filtered water is infused into the colon for up to 45 minutes. A colonic helps stimulate (exercise) the colons natural peristalsis which aids in the removal of waste and toxins that have accumulated in the large intestine.

The benefits of colonics are amazing and I love including them as a part of my healthy lifestyle.


Beyond Living Health is my go-to clinic on the Gold Coast and I love recommending it to my followers.


Ashy Bines, Lifestyle Influencer

The Gold Coast’s Favorite Wellness Clinic

I place incredible demands on my body, and I need to be sure my body continues to deliver. Regular cleansing is a crucial part of vibrant health and peak performance. Colon Hydrotherapy plays an essential role in sustaining my internal health, and keeping my body in peak physical condition. Beyond Living Health, and their private, professional service, and holistic approach inspires you, and makes it simple for you to take responsibility for cleansing your body and your life style. The team at Beyond Living Health provide the perfect support system of health products, services and education to keep your momentum going and your energy high!.

Make it a must and call Beyond Living Health NOW to make an appointment.


Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach

As a Coach, Speaker & Family man, I need to maximise my body’s energy and vitality.


Greg & his team at Beyond Living Health understand the need to include cleansing into your lifestyle.


Mark Rolton, CEO Massland

True health begins with a healthy internal system.


With this foundation, one can live a happier life with more energy, vitality and longevity.


36a George Street


QLD 4215

PH: 07 5532 6310